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Original WooCommerce Product Bundles 6.12.1

* Fix - Prevent stale products in cart while using item grouping 'None'.
* Important - Product Bundles now requires WooCommerce 3.6+.
* Feature - Added integration with the Revenue Analytics of Composite Products.
* Feature - Made it possible to remove optional bundled items in the Cart page.
* Fix - Make sure original bundled item price is displayed when the bundled item has a discount.
* Fix - Prevent bundled products from being reported as 'on backorder' in bundles, unless backordering requires notification.
* Fix - Allow bundle-sells discounts granted by Composite Products, bundled products, and composited products to be applied to other products in the cart.
* Fix - Update 'Edit in Cart' query string to include bundle quantity.
* Fix - Fixed an infinite loop affecting discounts when using Memberships. Thanks @Alex for pointing this out!
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error that is triggered by invalid 'wc_pb_notice_options' values.
* Fix - Fixed PHP notice triggered when a non-numeric value is used in 'WC_Product_Bundle::calculate_price'.
* Tweak - Bundled items are now displayed under composited Bundles in the mini cart when the 'Item Grouping > Flat' is selected.
* Feature - Added 'bundle_stock_status' and 'bundle_stock_quantity' REST API fields (read only).
* Fix - Fixed an indexing issue affecting the 'wc_order_bundle_lookup' table.