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Original WooCommerce Google Product Feed 10.7.3

New: Support for per-variation product identifiers from Yoast WooCommerce SEO
New: WooCommerce 6.6 compatibility
New: WooCommerce 6.5 compatibility
* New: Support unit pricing fields from Germanized for WooCommerce
* Change: Protect against invalid metadata breaking image management
* Fix: Correctly populate table names in status report
* New: Support for product weight with & without units as pre-population options
* New: Include overview of database in status report for improved debugging
* Change: Internal changes to taxonomy freshness checking
* Change: Responsiveness improvements to taxonomy autocomplete performance
Fix: Resolve issue where taxonomy cache table could grow beyond expected size and cause performance issues
* New: Allow Google Product Category to be populated from multiple locales
* New: Support 'promotion ID' in the Bing feed
* New: Prompt for feedback
* Fix: Resolve warning thrown when multicurrency integration active
* Fix: Resolve issue where availability field could be missing in Bing feed
* Change: Update documentation links to reflect docs.woocommerce.com migration
* Change: WooCommerce 6.1 Compatibility
* Change: Update WooCommerce Action Scheduler library to latest release
* Fix: Improve structured data for Brand
* Fix: Variation images not always pulled through properly
* New: Allow fields from WooCommerce Germanized to be used for prepopulations
* Change: WooCommerce 5.9 compatibility
* Change: WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility