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Original Toolkit For Elementor 1.4.8

[PERFORMANCE] Booster > Defer Inline JS feature (NEW)!
[PERFORMANCE] CSS helper class to help Lazy Load any image manually (including Elementor background images)
[OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance
[UPDATE] Script Ninja > Ability to dequeue scripts globally
[BUG FIX] Script Ninja > JS entries labeled as CSS in rare instances
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor 3.4.3
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro 3.4.1
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WooCommerce v5.6
[PERFORMANCE] Lazy Elements > Reduce Time to Interactive, TBT and LCP by lazy rendering HTML elements below the fold!
[PERFORMANCE] Auto add missing height if image width is detected
[PERFORMANCE] New Youtube iframe optimization options
[PERFORMANCE] Add Height and Width attributes now also apply to SVG’s
[PERFORMANCE] Featured Images excluded from lazy loading
[PERFORMANCE] When Preload Cache is run, purge existing cache first
[PERFORMANCE] Faster Google Font optimizations and handling via curl_multi_init
[PERFORMANCE] Improved url rewrite process for CDN assets
[PERFORMANCE] General Caching Improvements
[PERFORMANCE] If ToolKit Caching is enabled, auto-purge cache whenever a settings change that impacts cache is detected
[UI UPDATE] Widget Manager > updated success messages to show widget names
[UI UPDATE] Script Ninja > updated success messages to show dequeued script names
[BUG FIX] ToolKit Lazy Load > Fixed division by zero error in certain environments
[COMPATIBILITY] Improved PHP 8 compatibility when optimizing Google Fonts
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor 3.3.1
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro 3.3.6
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WooCommerce v5.5.2
[NEW] Caching > Ability to Preload Cache
[NEW] Caching > Preload Cache scheduling
[UI UPDATE] Toggles now auto-save changes for faster user experience!
[UI UPDATE] ToolKit UI decluttered by over 50% with new tooltip descriptions!
[UI UPDATE] ToolKit Admin menu bar displays page cache stats
[UPDATE] Widget Manager > Added PayPal, Hotspot, Video Playlist widgets
[OPTIMIZATION] Cache auto-purged when any plugin is installed, uninstalled, or updated
[OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance
[BUG FIX] Widget Manager > Patched issues re-registering widgets in certain environments
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor 3.2.5
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro v3.4-dev4
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WooCommerce v5.4.1