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OC 3.x Tier Price - Product Discount based On Quantity Rules for Opencart oc2.x_oc3.x


Give a reason to customers for comeback by creating bonus system for different customer groupsby setting tier prices for products depending upon the product quantity. Different customer groups at different stores get different bonus set using Tier-Price system. You can create different prices for the product depend upon the quantity chosen by the customer. This is very useful when you want to setup different prices for bulk quantities to different customer groups (wholesale, retailer, etc.) at your store. This extension give flexibility to set tier prices as a percentage (%) of the base product price.

  1. Give a reason to customers for comeback by creating bonus system of different customer groups
  2. Create Unlimited tier prices for product by specify quantity range
  3. Set tier prices for multi-stores or all stores
  4. Set tier prices for individual customer group or all customer groups
  5. Set tier prices in 3 ways (Percentage Discount Of Base Price, Fixed Discount, Fixed Price)
  6. Set base price for tier price calculation from regular or final price
  7. Set tier prices in bulk for products
  8. Compatible with one-page checkout (Quick Checkout)
  9. Works with almost all themes of OpenCart
  10. Multiple Short Codes To show Tier-Prices As per you want
  11. Follow OpenCart code architecture
  12. Simple module installation and enable/disable at anytime
  13. Well organize documentation and presentation
  14. Simple and easy installation
  15. Dedicated support team
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