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OC 3.x Switch Database - Switch between Opencart databases oc2.x_oc3.x


This extension allows you to switch between multiple store databases. You can work with the data from any Opencart database without actually logging out/in to Opencart URL for that store.

Are you running multiple stores and each store data resides in separate database?

Do you have multiple installations of Opencart?

Do you have different environments like production, testing etc?

Do you archive your historical data to other databases?

In all above cases, you will have to deal with multiple URLs and logging into each Administration url is a painful task.

Using this extension you can define the Opencart databases you have and make Admin use any one of the database selected by you. You can work with the data from any Opencart database without actually logging into the specific Opencart URL.

Define the connection information for your databases

One click switch to a different store database

Screens immediately reflect the data from switched database

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